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HEY!! We’re receiving considerable correspondence regarding the career books. Feedback is that tremendous amounts of needed real world information is not being passed down by parents/siblings/guidance counselors.  Yes, you can be a writer, but you had better find a REAL job, since very few writers really can make a living at a writing profession initially. The aspiring writer should obviously write as much as possible, and become extremely proficient to get noticed. However the reality is that most writers really do struggle for years. Thus strongly consider obtaining a REAL job until you find your aspiring writing niche or hit novel.This is true for many of the arts’ professions. Check out the career books – they cover all the needed and productive occupations in our society where you can make a living. Remember we encourage youth to be self supportive. Keep moving and exploring while you have the energy of youth. The career books are the very best value on the planet and the truly best place to start!

Career Coach


Human Doping

It’s amazing what athletes will put themselves through – DOPING – the injection of EPO or blood into ones circulation thinking it will help. Finally an article that clarifies the matter – it does NO GOOD………..and the article explains exactly why with medical science! I’m on it! Trainer.


No way – no more doping. It’s on the out. Don’t even monitor it because it doesn’t really do anything with aerobic impact. Read this article and most of these bikers and other athletes have no real scientific reason to use EPO, blood, or any other products. Long term effects from doping NOT good physiologically. I’m struggling why it even got started! Trainer.


Yes the body fine tunes oxygen delivery to cellular organelles tightly! Having more red blood cell sludge in your body does nothing but cause metabolic and other organ systemic problems, decrease oxygen delivery, and doesn’t improve aerobics by many testing centers. Again if we dope, we actually are obtaining at best a placebo effect (35%). Trainer.